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Make it easy with a
Take 5 safety checklist

Take 5 safety books are the quickest and easiest way to undertake safety and hazard risk assessments, containing everything you need from a risk assessment tool in one pocket-sized book.

Take 5 safety books are:

Compliant – All Take 5 pocket books are accredited by the Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (Vic).

Easy to use – Quick and concise checklists and safety assessments means there’s no confusion or difficulties for your staff.

Portable – The small, pocket-sized design means your staff can have access to their Take 5 safety book at all times, and are always prepared and safe.

Durable – Available in water-resistant covers and stone paper, keeping your Take 5 books usable in all  weather and work conditions.

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Go generic or make your Take 5 book custom

Not everyone’s safety needs are the same. To meet everyone’s requirements, we offer three different Take 5 safety book print options.


Our generic Take 5 pocket books are 100% compliant and easy to use and contain generic Take 5 safety checklists and Take 5 safety risk assessment templates.


If you’re happy with the generic Take 5 safety book content but want to clearly identify your books, the cover can be customised to include your company logo, name, brand colours, or any other details.


If your site safety processes or hazard reporting is more specific, you can fully custom design your Take 5 safety book to include any assessment instructions you like.

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